Do you own an online store and spend more time on operational tasks that you would like? Or your online shop is growing so quickly that it is becoming a burden? In that case it is good to know that we have been specialists in online stores and promotional fulfilment since 1987. Our service goes far beyond storage, packing and shipment of your goods.

Full service fulfilment solution

We have been active in the world of fulfilment for over 30 years and we know what is needed for successful ordering and product fulfilment. It takes more than just the storage, packing and shipment of goods. Further essentials such as web design, payment solutions, returns management, customer service and comprehensive reports are incorporated in our full service solution. We will gladly advise you during each stage of your campaign, through concept to execution and happily take care of all procedures involved.

Quality mark

It applies that a quality and fast service is key to every online shop. This is a logical aim, but in order to achieve it every element must be tightly controlled. Thanks to the help of efficient software and standardised methods, such as barcode scanning for composing and delivering orders, we can achieve a very high level of quality service. We are proud to be partnered with thiswinkel.org and meet all the requirements of their certification. 

Shipping costs

Save on postage and shipping cost by using our competitive shipping rates. We have lucrative contracts with all the major postal providers, both nationally and internationally. By opting for our service you can profit for this.


We are located in the border region of Belgium and Germany and can effortlessly send letters and parcels across the border whilst still benefitting from national mail provider. This saves significantly on shipping costs. We are also privileged to have international response and mailbox numbers, a multilingual call centre and lucrative contracts with international courier provider; this also applies beneficial to countries outside the Benelux.

Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is largely determined by the quality received in after sales care. One of the key elements of our full service solution is our customer care department. They have all the required knowledge and manage all order related inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Our customer care service can be delivered in English, Dutch, German and French.

Without excellent customer care, the best campaign can fail. It is reassuring to be able to rely on our Customer Care Department. We have the ability to quickly change and expand our department to the demands of the campaign. This can be due to an extremely successful campaign exceeding expectations and receiving a high volume of calls.