- This service is currently available only in the Netherlands - 

NEW! Desk VGO Groep and CommunicatieKrachten join forces with VerhuisLAB's new cash-back platform: Immediately in front of everyone who is “in between houses”.

VerhuisLAB is the gathering place for relevant cash-back offers and activations. More than 1.7 million Dutch people relocated in 2016 and this number is expected to increase each year. Research shows that people who have just purchased a house make the most changes to their homes and spend the most on furniture and accessories. VerhuisLAB reaches approximately 60% of this market and focuses primarily on owner-occupied homes. Buyers spend approximately 8 to 10% of the value of their house on relocation and renovation costs. With an average purchase value of some €250,000, buyers therefore spend around €25,000 on their new home. VerhuisLAB gives you the tools to profit from this optimally.

Cash-back promotions (sometimes called refunds or money-back offers) have been a familiar phenomenon in the Dutch market for more than 30 years. 

How does VerhuisLAB work?

Personal mailing
Each month, VerhuisLAB sends a personal letter to 25,000 consumers who are relocating. We do this three months before they move. During this period, most people are busy with the furnishing and decoration of their new home. Preparations are then also made to get the house ready to be lived in or for renovation. So this is truly the perfect moment to draw attention to your services or residential ideas.

Cash-back on demand
The new homeowners register themselves on our VerhuisLAB platform. They fill in a personal profile about their desires and interests in terms of their living situation. This way, they only get to see products that they truly wish to buy. Preferably in combination with a cash-back promotion. This is “cash-back on demand”; and thanks to the personal profile, you can be certain that someone is looking for your product or service. In short, cash-back is an extremely effective method.

Long-term loyalty
By deploying your cash-back offering at the right moment, you can affect the purchasing process. Furthermore, you collect important data about your new customers that you can use for follow-up and cross-selling opportunities. Since participants register online, you build up a customer file, including e-mail information.

What is cash-back? When purchasing a product or service, customers receive a portion of the purchase amount refunded to their account.

Relevance is the key word

Higher conversion

We match supply and demand. It's how we make cash-back relevant. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of pointless commercial messages each day. Relevance is therefore increasingly important. The right offering, at the right moment, for the right person. People are prepared to share information if they personally receive a unique proposition in exchange. This leads to higher conversion rates and higher profit.

Joining forces
Desk VGO Groep and VerhuisLAB have entered into a collaboration with CommunicatieKrachten. CommunicatieKrachten is a creative and strategic communications bureau in Nijmegen. Based on solid strategy and a practical approach, CommunicatieKrachten searches for the most efficient and creative solution to all communication issues.

Then please get in touch with us via: - at no obligation. Or call our VerhuisLab-specialist Marco Stam at: + 31 - (0)6 - 5161 2513.