Attracting new clients is one thing, maintaining customer loyalty is a separate challenge. To secure loyalty from your customers we have several innovative solutions such as promotional campaigns and loyalty rewards. All of which can be tailor made to your preference. Loyalty is a binding factor, from the basic concept to quality customer care.

Binding Clients

The underlining purpose of a loyalty program is to bind a client to a brand, product or store. At Desk VGO we not only ensure your client fulfils the loyalty program, but we can additionally develop a whole new loyalty scheme designed around your corporate identity and ethos. Further to this, we can also create a loyalty reward promotion in collaboration with one of the participating theme parks or leisure venues from our e-ticket platform.


We have a vast variety of services based on customer loyalty, starting from the concept to complete customer care. Within the process of customer care we register and compose orders, process payments and finally send purchases using the most competent postal service. We will examine each individual project in order to determine the most appropriate solution based on the project content.

Loyalty Program or Loyalty Reward Scheme

A Loyalty Program is distinguishable from a Loyalty Reward Scheme, in that the offer is available for a longer duration of time and a more extensive range of products or services are available. This can be in the form of a digital balance which is redeemable in an online environment, based on the approval of previous receipts sent in by the client.

The entire process/service is handled by us, from awarding the saving to the client, processing and sending the order, extracting payment from the customers online digital balance and answering all customer queries and concerns regarding the promotion.

A Field Trip with E-Tickets

We are specialised in delivering e-tickets for a diverse spectrum of leisure activities. Through our own platform we can provide tickets to almost anything anywhere: theme parks, zoos, spas, cinemas, indoor skiing and even musicals. The vast variety of activities available ensures we can always accommodate for a targeted audience that resonates with your personalised loyalty program. Our customer care centre will handle any customer questions related to the promotion, making an e-ticket based campaign an effortless and effective process.

Existing Loyalty Program and Tailor Made Deals

If you already have a loyalty program in place and have not yet decided on an appropriate incentive for your customers, we can provide you with suitable content. We can offer customers access to our entire e-ticket platform or additionally arrange a tailor made package whereby only  a specified amount of leisure activities are available. There are many options to choose from and we can appropriately inform you on a variety of activities our partners have to offer.

Gift Cards

Nearly every established retailor or renowned web shop offers their own gift cards. Originally gift cards were only available for purchasing in-store; nowadays buying gift cards online has become the preferred choice.  A gift card is the ideal present for companies, as clients can choose freely on how to spend their card. Desk VGO has a wide variety of gift cards available and in a range of values. We maintain high stock volumes of our gift cards to ensure immediate dispatch to our customers. An added benefit of choosing to implement our gift cards is that all costs will be incorporated into one final invoice, providing a competent and complete service.  

Personalised and Risk Free

We deliver our gift cards inactivated, without any value added. This significantly reduces the risk of the balance being interfered with.  The card can only be activated once we have received confirmation of receipt from the customer. Once this is complete, the card will be activated and the specified purchasing value will be made available.
An additional benefit of choosing Desk VGO gift cards is that we can personalise cards in a design of your choice using our specialised printers to fit your campaign or include your corporate identity and ethos.   

Birthday Cards

Research suggests that people are inclined to spend an average of €300 more on themselves during the time of their birthday. In The Netherlands an average of 43,000 people celebrate their birthday each day. This inevitably presents a lucrative opportunity for retailers and online stores. A unique way of utilising this information is for companies to offer a discount code or special cash back enticement for customers during their birthday. With Desk VGO it is also possible to wish someone happy birthday with a surprise gift card. This unique birthday card is linked to a present of your choice which can then be enjoyed by the recipient. To guarantee maximum exposure for our customers this gift card surprise can be shared in a Facebook congratulations post.  What’s more, our large database may include birth dates of possible clients of yours, who may consider your shop or your online shop as their favourite.

Cash Back On Demand

Cash back on demand equips you with the opportunity to award your customers relevant offers at the right time. At Desk VGO we propose this action in the form of a joint promotion, making it a cost effective incentive. Non-grocery retailers are often in the position to deliver significant undisclosed discounts. To provide cash back on demand your client first confirms their purchase. We then determine the suitable refund in accordance with the purchase value. This is the essence of cashback on demand.

Fulfilment Gift Voucher and Cards

Gift cards and gift vouchers are often presented by companies but also by private relationships. These gifts are generally given for special occasions such birthdays and anniversaries, where timing is crucial. These celebrations require punctual and appropriate gifts. At Desk VGO we have specialised department that manages both private and public gift vouchers and cards to ensure proficiency.   

Clearing Gift Certificates

For 15 years Desk VGO has been effectively processing redeemed gift cards and vouchers. Purchases made using gift cards or vouchers are often high in value and require stringent competence during processing. Specially designed software, equipped with strict procedures and high security conditions safeguards this process. Vigorous administrative checks are also incorporated, for example ensuring a secure working environment.    

Customisable Products Equals Higher Conversion

Products that can be personalised with names, initials, or photographs are incredibly popular and therefore generate a higher conversion. We customise personalised products within our own company, making the possibilities of personalisation endless. At Desk VGO we also have a vast network of suppliers who specialise in premium production products.  These include specialists of limited edition goods and companies creating high volume merchandise.  Feeling inspired? Please contact us for a consultation to discover the possibilities.