The range of services that we can provide is broad, whilst maintaining a leading thread throughout. We aim to relieve our clients from all forms of customer contact. We achieve this through not only our existing services but also through new ones. With our experience of today and the technology of tomorrow we create solutions for the future. We would like to realise this with you.

Knowing what works

In addition to providing our mentioned services, we help our clients to attract and retain customers. Due to the many successful campaigns we have performed we know exactly what influences consumers and what will not. This knowledge of ours is integrated into easily accessible and rapidly deployable concepts, some of which are partially performance based.

Target Audience

Within the next few years more than half of the Dutch population will be aged 50 years or older. With this in mind, we have created a special concept. This is incorporated into our cash on demand service and is a special DM flow process tuned to the needs of this target audience. A relevant service; customised and based on the specific purchase plans of this audience. To successfully appeal to this audience relevance is key, making the scattergun approach history.


Desk VGO manages the entire process, including the delivery of requested information in either a digital or physical format. We are able to print flyers and brochures on demand, ensuring that information is always up to date and relieving the need for pre-printed materials. To encourage optimal conversion, we recommend supporting campaigns with a cashback incentive. We are more than happy to advise you on appropriate ways of achieving this.  

Mr. Cashback

The majority of consumers continue to make their purchases instore. Effective communication with the customer at the time of purchase can positively influence conversion. For this reason Desk VGO has developed a novel solution, MrCashback; consisting of a platform and mobile application. This brings your cashback campaign to the attention of consumers, appealing particularly to those tempted by money saving incentives. The consumer can select from a range of available products and then receives relevant pop-up notifications based on their selection. All engaging campaigns can prosper from MrCashback; provided they constitute an advantage to the customer. Please inquire further to learn more about our attractive introductory conditions.    

Cashback Bonus

Would you like to create value for consumers and lower cashback expenses for you as a marketer? At Desk VGO we make this possible. We can link a loyalty incentive to a cashback action. This creates a win-win situation that we are happy to advise you on. Please call or email us for further information or to make an appointment. 

Premium Cashback

Most cashback incentives for non-grocery products offer only a partial reimbursement. However, are consumers not more enthusiastic about receiving a 100% refund? We certainly think so and with Premium Cashback this can be made realised. In order for this to happen the possible refund must be linked to a future event. In the circumstance that this event should transpire the customer will receive a full refund. The campaign is insured so financial risks are covered, regardless of the outcome. It has never been easier to develop a solution to all kinds of events using appropriate marketing. 

Cashback on Demand

A marketer dreams of reaching the right customer at the right time and with the right product and supply. This vision is made possible by Desk VGO. Do you want to know how? We achieve this by registering the consumers purchase plans. To do this we use various platforms and our own direct marketing related activities. Once the consumer’s data has been assessed they will then be approached with a relevant offer and attractive cashback enticement. Desk VGO handles the entire process. Should the consumer require further information, regarding the product or promotion, then this can be provided either online or in writing. All requests for written information are printed on demand, eliminating the need for pre-printed stock and ensuring information is always up to date. Once the customer has purchased their desired product they are then able to upload their receipt online to a digital environment. After the receipt has been confirmed we can then process the cashback. By opting for this solution, you not only sell a product but you also collect valuable data about the customer who has bought your product.      

Receipt Benefits

This concept is designed primarily for retail purposes. Nowadays, the competition is all about price and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and appeal to consumers. By primarily focusing on value the pressure on margins will be reduced.
Through our network of partners, we can deliver attractive discounts on recreational activities. We fully support campaigns with a direct mail action in your service area and with relevant retailers in your immediate vicinity. By uploading receipts from purchases made, consumers can benefit from considerable discounts and can also eventually receive access to all kinds of recreational activities for free.

Accepting (vvv-certificates) In Your Online Shop

The vvv-certificates are the most commonly presented gift certificates. Each year 8 million gift certificates are traded each year. They are accepted by a wide variety of retailers. Desk VGO has developed a concept that allows for vvv-certificates to be accepted by your online store, without the burden of extra requirements or transactions. 

Facebook Calendar

In 2015 around 9.4 million Dutch people used Facebook. More than 6 million of these access Facebook every day, which presents a great opportunity for both companies and campaigns. At Desk VGO we offer a unique concept; a personalised Facebook birthday calendar. By using a tool on Facebook, the user can automatically upload all of their friend’s birthdays. These are then arranged on a calendar using Facebook profile pictures. This personalised calendar is then printed and sent to the Facebook user.

Facebook Calendar: Connecting Offline to Online

This printable calendar is a perfect example of how a connection can be formed between the offline and online. Through applying a QR-code to the image of that month, which houses a special image or gift, the Facebook birthday calendar becomes an annual marketing calendar. This is a unique method of collecting data for our clients.

Greeting Cards as a Trigger

Nowadays consumers receive less and less physical mail, emphasising the importance of written information now more than ever. This is particularly relevant for especially attractive and cheerful mail. Desk VGO can print highly personalised mail in the style of your preference and additionally deliver them for a very appealing rate. By attaching instructions on how customers can reply online, consumer data collection is made even easier.

Birthday Cards

Research suggests that people are inclined to spend an average of €300 more on themselves during the time of their birthday. In The Netherlands an average of 43,000 people celebrate their birthday each day. This inevitably presents a lucrative opportunity for retailors and online stores. A unique way of utilising this information is for companies to offer a discount code or special cash back enticement for customers during their birthday period. With Desk VGO it is also possible to wish someone happy birthday with a surprise gift card. This unique birthday card is linked to a present of your choice which can then be enjoyed by the recipient. To guarantee maximum exposure for our customers this gift card surprise can be shared in a Facebook congratulations post.  Furthermore, our database includes many birth dates of both your potential and possibly current customers; make sure your gift card is the preferred birthday gift. This is a profitable and unique way of contributing to the special moment of giving.

Customisable Products Equals Higher Conversion

Products that can be personalised with names, initials, or photographs are incredibly popular and therefore generate high conversion. We customise products within our own company, making the possibilities of personalisation endless. At Desk VGO we also have a vast network of suppliers who specialise in premium production products.  These include specialists of limited edition goods and companies creating high volume merchandise. Are you feeling inspired? Please contact us for a consultation to discover the possibilities.