Direct Marketing

The most important aspect of direct marketing is the relevance of the collected data. Our automated cross-media solution and transaction mail 3.0 optimises the relevant content in a logical manner through the right channel.  We achieve this by combining IT with marketing. We are at home in the digital world and we are additionally proud to have 17 years of experience in the world of direct mail; one of the oldest methods of direct marketing.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most established forms of direct marketing and is also one of the most effective. Digital mail may achieve success in terms of speed and at first glance cost efficiency. However, the physical presence of mail is an undeniable advantage. By opting for both digital and direct mail, their combined strength offers a higher conversion.

Advice Coming From Years of Experience

We know the ins and outs of direct mail like no other. Your mail package is the face of your company, it should be impeccable, distinctive and to the point. With our wealth of experience our creative team will advise and collaborate with you on the path you wish to pursue with your direct marketing.

Total service, From Start to Finish

We offer a complete service in the field of direct marketing. Our service includes accurately processing incoming data, delivering prints in both colour and black and white for a variety of text and images, the sealing, packaging and sending of your direct mail using the most reliable and appropriate postal delivery service. Throughout the process, we will endeavour to advise you on the most efficient approach and cost effective execution; for example, considering the use of white paper printing and printing on demand.

White Paper Printing and Printing on Demand

New and advanced printing techniques make white paper printing and printing on demand very attractive options. White paper printing is an efficient and cost effective choice, allowing for creativity and eliminating the need of additional printing material or embossed paper. This technique can print a complete document in any chosen template or format using one single process.
Printing on demand allows for fast printing as and when required, ensuring relevant and up to date information in provided in the necessary quantity. 


Do you want to combine different distributional channels in a campaign or within one mailing? We can provide the perfect solution: Transactionmail 3.0 or Automated Cross-Media Solutions. 


Packing the flyer, letter, magazine or pamphlet in a wrapper (or biodegradable wrapper) is a very efficient way of sending mail and entails low postage expenditure. An additional advantage of transparent packaging material is guaranteed maximum exposure. Any extra attachments can also be synchronously added or omitted to create a personalised mail pack. This process will be assured using check control methods such as automated camera surveillance. 


Postage expenses are a major contributor to the overall cost of direct mail campaigns. By taking into account the different possibilities available, expenditure can be significantly reduced. Careful consideration when choosing the package materials and being conscious of specified dimension requirements of the courier is essential for keeping costs down. As direct mail specialists we are well established in the postal industry and have many lucrative connections to delivery companies. We are more than happy to advise you and offer assistance on this if required.   

Response Processing

It is imperative that a response is generated and processing that response is equally as important.  Whether this is by phone, email, SMS, web-page or any given combination we can provide recommendations and will work with you on how to efficiently maximise your response rate.
As part of a cross-media campaign any possible steps can be organised and automated in a practical work flow. Whatever journey the customer chooses to take, every action and response will trigger the following steps. In other words one on one communication ensures less effort and maximum results. For more information about automated crossmedia solutions, click here.


We own the must have for international campaigns: several international PO Boxes, a multi-lingual call centre, a data entry department and hold contracts with international delivery companies or courier providers.

A Deal Is A Deal

With strict procedures we continue to guarantee the quality of our services. We believe a deal is a deal, so we will endeavour to achieve every deadline and every goal required.

Second Opinion

Do you have a long standing business relation with an existing supplier? We understand that maintaining such relationships can be beneficial to you, as long as you continue to reap the rewards. We are happy to provide a second opinion to ensure you are still receiving the best deal from your supplier.

Taking care of our customers is our focus