Customer Care

You can rest in the knowledge that our call centre department deals with telephone customers in a professional manner. Whether their calls concern general questions about the campaign, specific product knowledge or an online order, our agents are happy to help. By using a direct, real-time connection with our order database questions can be immediately answered. This achieves a high level of service and short handling time.

International and flexible

Our location, on the border of Belgium and Germany, ensures not only Dutch and English speaking agents, but also (native) German and French speaking employees. Additionally, it is also possible for us to open our telephone lines outside of office hours.

Email Handling

Emails are still an indispensable communication tool for handling customer inquiries. Our customer service department handles all incoming customer emails within the agreed service levels.

Standardising = Cost Efficiency

At Desk VGO we prefer to work with contract forms that can be optionally integrated into your own website or registration page. Emails are received in a standardised format and categorised by topic. This means they can be handled more efficiently and at a lower cost. We are then able to easily and quickly report to you customers most frequently asked questions by category.

Sending Relevant Brochures and Samples

The process of sending requested brochures and samples often imposes on the time of your own employees; this is especially relevant during peak periods. Desk VGO can take care of the dispatch of your items entirely, from accepting and processing the order to composing the package and making it ready for shipment; whether this concerns the dispatch of a single flyer or an order for a range of leaflets of varying content. We will endeavour to ensure that orders are correct and delivered on time.   


A recall is an unexpected and urgent matter. Desk VGO offers a number of services to immediately assist our customers. We instantly provide mailbox and freepost numbers and our customer service team will be standing by to receive all calls and emails. Additionally we provide not only local numbers, but also 0900 and 0800 numbers. We can also handle all follow up actions, including the processing of reimbursements in the form of a full refund or complimentary gift such as an e-ticket or voucher.

Product Compensations

When a consumer has a legitimate complaint about one of your products, they often receive a financial compensation. In this instance we can support your customer service department. We are able to authorise the refund purchase price and transfer the funds to the customer. We can also offer the customer a voucher, either digitally or by post. Alternatively, we can provide the customer with a product replacement. Whichever compensation is chosen, when a complaint is handled promptly and correctly it ultimately leads to a satisfied customer.