Cashback is one of the oldest tools for generating trial and repeat purchases. Desk VGO improves this service by introducing a dynamic component: Cashback on demand.

Why choose cashback?

Providing a discount through a refund is an excellent way of lowering the purchase threshold without any great effort from the retailer. By setting a limit to the number of customers that can benefit from this incentive scheme, the cost of the promotion is significantly lower than when a typical discount is applied. This can be achieved by offering limited redemptions, such as 1 reimbursement per household or account number.

Create a Database for Follow-Up

When opting for a cashback incentive a customer database is created containing relevant information about the respondents. This information can then be utilised for follow up purposes and achieving future goals; conditions apply. Cashback enticements are employed to boost the sales of one product, encourage customers to purchase a higher quantity of a particular item or increase up-selling of products and services.

Processing a Cashback

There are several ways to manage a cashback incentive scheme. This is determined by the type of product you wish to promote and the action launch date. In order to redeem a cashback incentive a proof of purchase is required. This can be obtained through the barcode, receipt, invoice or unique code printed on the product packaging. Depending on any possible risk of fraud and the value of the required cashback this process can be handled entirely online by the customer. This is only possible once the customer has uploaded their proof of payment and this has been confirmed by us; we may also ask the customer to send their barcode to us by post. Please refer to our Financial Risk section. 

Experience and Challenges

At Desk VGO we not only process the response of customers, but also create a registration page of customers who have responded to the incentive. This is of course developed in accordance with your preferences and corporate identity. Throughout the cashback campaign we also ensure that all relevant automated control procedures are working accordingly. To achieve a successful campaign, effective cooperation should ideally be established during the early stages of processing. This is because at Desk VGO we have comprehensive experience with outcomes of cashback incentives. We know what can be achieved from implementing cashback incentives, but also the challenges which can be occur if they are not executed effectively.       

Mr. Cashback

The majority of consumers continue to make their purchases instore. Effective communication with the customer at the time of purchase can positively influence conversion. For this reason Desk VGO has developed a novel solution, MrCashback; consisting of a platform and mobile application. This brings your cashback campaign to the attention of consumers, appealing particularly to those tempted by money saving incentives. The consumer can select from a range of available products and then receives relevant pop-up notifications based on their selection. All engaging campaigns can prosper from MrCashback; provided they constitute an advantage to the customer. Please inquire further to learn more about our attractive introductory conditions.    

Cashback on Demand

A marketer dreams of reaching the right customer at the right time and with the right product and supply. This vision is made possible by Desk VGO. Do you want to know how? We achieve this by registering the consumers purchase plans. To do this we use various platforms and our own direct marketing related activities. Once the consumer’s data has been assessed, they will then be approached with a relevant offer and attractive cashback enticement. Desk VGO handles the entire process. Should the consumer require further information, regarding the product or promotion, this can be provided online or by post. All requests for written information are printed on demand, eliminating the need for pre-printed stock and ensuring information is always up to date. Once the customer has purchased their desired product, they are then able to upload their receipt online to a digital platform. After the receipt has been confirmed, we can process the reimbursement. By opting for this solution, you not only sell a product but you also collect valuable data about the customer that has bought your product.     

Premium Cashback

Most cashback incentives for non-grocery products offer only a partial reimbursement of the original price. However, are consumers not more enthusiastic about receiving a 100% refund? We certainly think so and, with Premium Cashback, this can be realised. In order for this to happen, the possible refund must be linked to a future event. In the circumstance that this event should transpire, the customer will receive a full refund. The campaign is insured so financial risks are covered, regardless of the outcome. It has never been easier to develop a response to all kinds of events using appropriate marketing. 

Cashback Bonus: advantage for the marketer, great value for customers

Desk VGO has created a cashback platform that can be linked to your cashback incentive. This is achieved once the consumer has progressed through the typical registration and log-in process. They then receive an alternative promotion upon reaching check-out. This may be in the form of e-tickets for exciting leisure activities, alternative or new products from your own range. For this action to be successful, it is essential that the value of the additional promotion is of higher value than the original cashback incentive. This generates a higher conversion rate and increases your savings.