There are many forms of different consumer incentives and we process them every day. The following is a list of just some of the possible examples: activations, promotions, samples, saving campaigns, recalls, product discounts and response processing. We have successfully done this for more than 28 years, to the great satisfaction of many prestigious brands. We are deservedly proud of this.

Experience and More

We have over 28 years of specialised marketing experience; both BTB (Business to Business) as well as BTC (Business to Consumer). We know what contributes to a successful campaign and what does not. We also recognise possible difficulties before they will occur. By coupling our experience with a measure of creativity and innovation, our work generates surprising and novel solutions that are guaranteed to work.

Full Service

Through our years of experience, we have come to know the ins and outs of the various campaign techniques. Therefore, our service goes beyond just the processing of the response. We gladly advise our clients throughout their campaigns and address all concerns from concept to execution. Whether this includes matters related to legality, response expectations, promotional texts or redemption risk insurance. On top of this, we can constructively consult with you on the possibility of cost reduction, involving postage and packaging. Desk VGO can take care of almost all elements of the campaign, from the handling of erroneous entries and postal returns to consumer questions and queries. We are more than happy to help.

Deadlines Are Deadlines

Desk VGO Group guarantees fast and excellent response processing. We achieve our deadlines even when the response rate vastly exceeds expectations.

Plenty of Room for Innovation

Our service incorporates a wealth of trusted methods such as sampling exclusive promotions, organising contests, saving incentives, international promotions, cash refunds, product recalls, vouchers and various other forms of activations. Yet we do not limit ourselves to the service that we currently provide. We choose to constructively challenge ourselves and are continuously inspired by new ideas and technologies.

Some of the Possibilities

International Promotions

For the handling of campaigns from within the Benelux, you have come to the right place. We are located within the border region of Germany and Belgium. This makes it easy for us to send post across these borders, whilst still making use of national postal services and saving on delivery costs. We also have registered postal addresses in these countries for the purpose of receiving and sending mail. Through this, we also benefit from both Belgian and German bank accounts, which make transactions and reimbursements swift and effortless.

If your campaign goes beyond our neighbouring countries then it is reassuring to know that we have the advantage of international freepost numbers and multilingual customer care teams. Further to this, we are also in the position of having excellent price agreements with international courier providers.  

Interactive Games

Our Interactive Games or Management Games offer participants the opportunity to take part in competitions during the promotional period. Participants can win prizes and gain satisfaction from digital eternal glory. Our interactive games engage participants for extended periods of time throughout the course of the campaign. This makes management style games an ideal choice to bind clients, such as subscribers or readers. One example is a games competition in a daily newspaper, whereby readers can create fictional football teams of first/major league players and gain points from goals scored and matches won. 

SMS Action

SMS actions can be effectively employed for customers to win actions as well sampling products. For example, participants can have the chance to win prizes by sending in an SMS message or code. Text messaging can also be used to request a sample.
For many, the mobile phone is often within reach which maximises the probability of directly engaging in interaction. That is the power of an SMS action. Desk VGO group realises the possibilities of SMS applications and utilises platforms of reputable telecom providers. We can also provide solutions for cross medial campaigns.

Contests & Competitions

Competitions and contests can be effectively used to temporarily gain attention for a particular product or brand. A big advantage is that upfront costs can be easily estimated in advance. What is important for this type of completion is that the contestants are judged on their performance. Participants must be able to exercise considerable influence on the outcome of results. For example contesters are asked to create a slogan, a drawing or photography contest. Desk VGO Group can happily provide an independent panel of judges and additionally create a participant directory and the packaging and sending of the prize. 


Sampling is an effective method for introducing customers to a product. This is especially relevant for online campaigns where there is a vast audience and many opportunities for further actions. The process of trail to purchasing the product can be supported by a number of actions, such as online surveys or cashback incentives.  This is made effortlessly possible through our automated cross-media solutions.

Saving Actions

With our saving actions, also known as premium actions, the consumer can benefit from a premium saving temporarily available to them. In most cases a single purchase is sufficient enough to receive the incentive; however it can be that the consumer must make multiple purchases and retain their receipts in order to benefit from the promotion. With an additional payment, a savings campaign may even be completely self-liquidated.

Desk-VGO monitors and records all processed orders. If necessary we can make it possible for the consumer to buy into the incentive, meaning the customer can pay an additional sum if they have not made the sufficient amount of purchases. This is usually done through direct debit but can also be completed using online payments such as iDeal.

The items are stored and packaged in our warehouse. We use various postal delivery services and can also arrange a parcel collection option with our courier providers. We aim to find the best solution for every project. Our customer care team handles all your customer questions and concerns. We also manage the processing of postal returns and possible exchanges. 


For special campaigns we can offer a wide range of e-tickets for a number of leisure activities. We have tickets available for almost all theme parks, zoos, saunas, cinemas, indoor ski centres and musicals. Our e-tickets are most effectively utilised in conjunction with additional promotions. An effective example of this was achieved by Mars; when a customer bought 3 of their mini bags, they then received a buy one get one free entry ticket to an amusement and animal park.  

Scan coupons

The power of coupons is undeniable. When an attractive coupon is offered consumers are more inclined to make use of them. This can then lead to trial buys, whereby the customer purchases a product they may not otherwise buy. This applies to both online and instore coupons and can be utilised by many industries. Retailors often find the processing of coupons at the counter tedious, as it prolongs the customers waiting time and there can be a risk of fraud.  

At Desk VGO we are able to take over the processing of coupons at any time. We use several scanning techniques and can provide you with an accessible overview of all the coupons we have processed. As an objective partner, retailer and manufacturer, we can ensure a fast and reliable settlement and invoicing of the redeemed coupons.  

Product Compensation

In most cases where a customer has a legitimate complaint about your product, they receive a form of compensation. In these situations we can offer support to your customer service department. An example of how this can be done is by refunding the purchase price to the customer, either in the form of a full refund or by providing a voucher. Alternatively, a replacement product can be sent to the customer.